Honbatz[edit] Edit

The Honbatz characters

In 2005,[50] the Kids Club Gang was replaced by the Honbatz characters with a group of characters designed to appeal to thepreteen market.[51] Each Honbatz has a distinct personality: the class clown, the brain or the rebel. They have appeared in numerous advertisements and are still used in some European markets and New Zealand. The Honbatz characters are:

  • Mixmax, a punk who likes showing off;
  • Thisorthat, a green monster that likes to eat everything but cannot decide where to start;
  • Bonny, a studious character and the only female in the group;
  • Chomp, a large, intimidating, Honbatz who is really a big softie that wants to fit in;
  • the Eeeps, a group of small, red, ketchup-craving creatures.

In September 2006, Burger King reintroduced an updated version of its 1970's animated king design. This was printed on cups, bags and in non tie-in children's advertising. The redesigned king was portrayed as a sarcastic character who sometimes gets into trouble for his mischief-making adventures.