The Burger King Kingdom is a fantasy world associated with Burger king

History[edit] Edit

Introducted in 1976, The Burger King Kingdom was the name of Burger King's answer to McDonaldland during the mid-1970s. By the late 1980s, the Burger King Kingdom characters were phased out in favor of the BK Kids Club Gang.

Starting in 2003, the Burger King began to be reused in Burger King ads, albeit as a man in a mask and King costume, rather than a full live-action portrayal.

Characters[edit] Edit

  • The Burger King - A bearded king that ruled the Burger King Kingdom. Played by Fred Barton.
  • Sir Shake-A-Lot - A knight that wears an armor made of BK Cups and has a craving for milkshakes. Sir Shake-a-lot always shivers because he drinks milkshakes so much he is always cold. Sir Shake-A-Lot's voice can be heard in the video game Sneak King commenting, "The King! He's so sneaky!"
  • The Burger Thing - A large hamburger puppet designed to be a 3-D painting. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  • The Duke of Doubt - A duke who is the Burger King's nemesis who constantly doubted the King's magic.
  • The Wizard of Fries - A robot powered by the french fries in its glass dome head. It can "multi-fry" where it takes a single french fry and duplicates it endlessly.